How much does it cost to renew insurance license

Wondering how much does it cost to renew insurance license? Dont worry, A competent insurance agent is just as concerned with their own professional needs and growth as they are with their clients’ insurance policies. Understanding when and how to renew your insurance license is one of the most crucial aspects of being a good insurance agent.Also, after you get your license, you can select a path to become a captive agent, work for an insurance carrier, become an independent insurance agent, and open your insurance agency. So, if you want to know more on how to get an insurance license Florida, then read further.  


Steps and How Much Does It Cost To Renew Insurance License?

Step 1: Get a high school diploma and/or a college degree. 

You need to be eligible to apply for an insurance license. It is mandatory to have a high school diploma if you want to be an insurance agent. Also, a higher education degree can be a huge asset. But if you have great people skills and good knowledge about the business world, it is more than enough.



how to get an insurance license florida

Step 2: Decide what kind of insurance license you want to get 

Some common types of insurance are life insurance, health insurance, property and casualty insurance. If you decide what kind of insurance license you want to apply for, it’s easier to determine what insurance licensing exam you have to take. So, if you apply for life and health in Florida, including variable annuity insurance, you must complete a 60-hour approved insurance course on it. Also, you should complete your course within four years of the application date. According to Nerd Wallet some agencies specialize in high-risk coverage from nonstandard companies and can help you find one that will accept your application. Finally, you’ll hear exactly how independent insurance works. You can hire insurance agents to assist you with insurance marketing, or you can even do marketing for insurance by yourself.

Step 3: Know all the requirements and understand how much does it cost to renew insurance license?

Before you apply for an insurance license in the state of Florida, you need to prepare yourself with all the requirements. They are:

  • Should be at least 18 years of age.
  • They should be a bona fide resident of Florida.
  • Should be a citizen of United States or legal immigrant with work authorization.
  • They should not be an employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or state service office.
  • Should not be a funeral director or direct disposer, an employee or representative, or have an office in or connected with a funeral establishment.
  • They should be fingerprinted.
  • Should complete an application and submit license fees

Step 4: Take your insurance license examination 

Before you take your insurance license exam, you need to pay certain fees. In Florida, license application paid during the application process is $50, License ID is $5, fingerprint paid to fingerprint vendor is $48.05, State exam is $44, an appointment is $60 for residents, and so on. Check the website of myfloridacfo for more information on fees.

Step 5: Submit your documents for a background check 

It’s required for your work history and criminal records. Documents include a state exam certificate, fingerprint card, a citizen affidavit, and a background report.

After all these steps are over, the insurance board in Florida will approve and issue and license. And now you are a licensed insurance agent ready to start your career. Therefore, these are the steps on how to get an insurance license in Florida. So, look for a “insurance agent near me” to help you in the process.

how to get an insurance license
how to get an insurance license