How many questions are on the insurance license exam?

Not sure how many questions are on the insurance license exam? Make sure you get in touch with an agent to help you clear all your queries. How to get an insurance license in North Carolina can be an overwhelming question for those who seeks an answer to start their career. Also, an insurance career can be a well-paid and a thrilling path to choose. As per, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for insurance sales agents was $50,940 in May 2019. However, if you want to become an independent insurance agent then becoming a licensed agent should be a priority.

Requirements on how to get an insurance license and Understand how many questions are on the insurance license exam

For those seeking an answer on how to get an insurance license North Carolina, certain relicensing education hour requirements and courses are as follows:

Prelicensing Education Hour Requirements:

  • Life Insurance: 20 Hours Education
  • Accident and Health or Sickness: 20 hours
  • Property Insurance: 20 Hours
  • Casualty Insurance: 20 Hours
  • Personal Lines: 20 Hours
  • Medicare Supplement/ Long Term Care: 10 Hours (Applicants should be licensed for Accident and Health or Sickness)

Methods of education: 

  • Classroom
  • Self-Study**
  • Online**

**Course must comply to specific rules for the applicant to receive prelicensing credit, including the final course examination (certification exam) being monitored and administered by a disinterested third party. North Carolina defines a “disinterested third party” as “a person not concerned with respect to possible gain or loss in the result of a pending course final examination and does not include the current employer, prospective employer and a member of the applicant’s immediate family.” Additionally, search the agent directory for insurance brokers and make contact with them.

Exemptions on Prelicensing Education 

Individuals holding one or more of the following designations or certifications are spared from prelicensing education requirements if they pass the exam on their first try. If they fail, they must successfully meet the mandatory prelicensing education requirements before retaking the exam:
Accident and Health or Sickness: RHU, CEBS, REBC, HIA
Property, Casualty, Personal Lines: AAI, ARM, CIC
Degree in insurance (associate or bachelors) can also be waived from prelicensing.

Furthermore, by learning how to sell insurance here, you can boost your ability to sell insurance. Likewise, you should also pay attention to terms like insurance cluster and insurance aggregator.

Note: In order to receive a waiver, applicants should submit a written request. Also. if you’re willing to get a license then make sure to read our blog on the car insurance license exam, if you live near that area.



how to get an insurance license north carolina

Steps on how to get an insurance license North Carolina

Step 1: Fulfill all the prelicensing course
The courses and requirements mentioned above completed can take you to next step.

Step 2: Take North Carolina Licensing Exams
After completing the required courses, it is time to take a licensing exam. Prior to the exam, candidates must fill NIPR license application by visiting NIRP website. In addition, an email with instructions and schedule sent to candidates. Also, prepare for exams using the study materials from the above required prelicensing course. Hence, the test is based on the knowledge of insurance basics, rules, and regulations.

Step 3: Submit documents for background check.
The documents needed for a background check are: a state exam certificate, fingerprint card, a citizen affidavit, a background report. After that, the state insurance board reviews your application. Also. if you have a previous criminal record, it may affect the approval status. Therefore, after approval, the state issues your license.

In conclusion, you have succeeded all steps on how to get an insurance license in North Carolina. Also, Congratulations on getting an insurance license to start your journey . Hence, you are a licensed insurance agent ready to boost your career as an insurance professional.

how to get an insurance license
how to get an insurance license