how do i know if my insurance license is active

This guide on how to get an insurance license has all the information needed to start a career or make a career change in the insurance industry. An insurance career can be exciting as it pays well and serves the benefit of people. However finding how do i know if my insurance license is active, is the first step to consider. Hence, an insurance license is an official document stating the authority to sell insurance policies on behalf of insurance carriers. If starting an insurance business is on your list, then you should take the step and get an insurance license.

5 ways on how to get an insurance license and finding how do i know if my insurance license is active or not. 

Step 1: Complete a Prelicensing Insurance Course 

It is compulsory in Texas to complete prelicensing before taking the state licensing exam.  Also, it is not mandatory for prelicensing education if an applicant wants a temporary 90-day license. You can apply for a temporary 90-day license. It is applicable to General Lines—Life, Accident & Health and General Lines—Property & Casualty. Hence, an individual is licensed before completing an examination and getting the permanent license. According to the balance the insurance binder will indicate the amount of liability coverage for the named insured(s) and property. Also, if you’re interested read our blog on insurance license designations if you’re looking for a job.



how to get an insurance license texas

Step 2: Qualify Your Texas Licensing Exam 

After finishing required prelicensing course, you should qualify for a state licensing exam. Walk-in examinations are not available. Candidates can book examination online. Also, candidates can make an online reservation at least 24 hours before the examination date. Here is a list before making a reservation. Candidates should have:

  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Social security number
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Name of the examination(s)
  • Preferred examination date
  • Test center location.

Step 3: Submit Fingerprints 

All Texas resident applicants should give fingerprints as part of the license application. Also, the application isn’t processed if TDI receives criminal history reports from the DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Also, TDI strongly encourages all applicants to use the electronic fingerprinting process.

Step 4: Register for Texas Insurance License 

You can apply for an insurance license after passing pre licensing course. Apply for insurance license by submitting an application online through NIPR . Hence, they will assign an NPN. A unique identifier assigned through the licensing application process. Also, many states use the NPN to replace a producer license number. You may also get ideas for selling insurance premiums from an independent insurance brokerage or an insurance agent brokerage firm. They’ll tell you what you need to know, including information on cyber security insurance.

Step 5: Complete the Required Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credits  

Every insurance professional must cohere to their home state’s CE requirements. As a result, the insurance carrier will still expect you to carry the maximum amount of coverage.

Final words on how to get an insurance license texas

Congratulations! You have completed on all the steps on how to get an insurance license Texas. After completion of all the steps, you can finally start your journey as an insurance professional. You can either choose a path between becoming a captive agent or an independent insurance agent.

how to get an insurance license
how to get an insurance license