Car Insurance License Exam

A state license is required to work as an insurance “producer,” sometimes known as a broker or agent. You may require various insurance licenses if you offer various lines of insurance, such as life and car. The majority of the study and testing required to obtain an car insurance license exam may be completed online.

How to get an insurance license Georgia is the first in knowing and becoming an insurance agent is a great job choice. Whether you are young and just starting, working start a new career or change the direction, being an insurance agent is a great way to make good money and live the way you want.

This article will cover everything you need to know to become an independent insurance agent and get an insurance license. Although, the requirements to getting an insurance license vary from state, but these guidelines are generally the same in most cases.


Types of Insurance Licenses 

Depending on what type of policies you want to sell, you will need to choose what type or types of insurance licenses you need to apply for. So, here are some of the examples of the kind of insurance policies to sell:

  • Property & Casualty Insurance – Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, and many more
  • Life & Health Insurance License – Life Insurance, Annuities, Health Insurance, and many more

An insurance agent can even apply to sell multiple insurance lines, but it is important to know what fits your needs before that. You can also read our blog on how much does it cost to renew insurance license, if interested.



how to get an insurance license georgia

Steps on how to get done with car insurance license exam : 

Step 1: Choose the type of Lines of authority to apply for Car insurance license exam  

In order to know how to get an insurance license in Georgia, it is important to choose the insurance line to sell as an insurance agent. The different insurance licenses mentioned above clarifies on selecting the type of license. Hence, property and casualty insurance license, life and health insurance license are the most common ones.

Step 2: Insurance Pre- License Education 

Complete required pre-license education provided in Georgia helps to build skills and knowledge to pass the test. The requirement to get each line of authority in Georgia is 20 hours of pre-license education. So, if getting one insurance license means 20 hours of education, then getting another line of authority is added 20 hours.

Step 3: Georgia Insurance License Exam

The fee for each attempt at the exam is $63. Forms of ID, the required document asked in the testing facility is required. Also, the exams are 80 questions long with two hours to complete them. The minimum passing score is 70%, and failing it will cause a 2-week waiting period.

Step 4: Fingerprint and background check 

In this step, fill out required applications and provide a fingerprint before licensing. An initial background check for any previous misdemeanors or felonies. This can affect the outcome of licensing efforts. Also, learn how a successful insurance agency maintains an effective agency management system and insurance agency management systems. Often, learning how to use insurance software will assist you in doing your job more quickly.

Step 5: Citizenship Affidavit and License Application 

Fill out the citizenship affidavit found in Georgia Insurance Department and apply for your license. Also, the online application fee is $115 per line. After that, submit all documents to the Sircon Georgia webpage. Also, according to Nerd Wallet dozens of insurers sell through independent agents, including Travelers, American Family and many smaller companies.

Step 6: Application Review 

Application and background check reviewed by the state takes 7-10 business days. Once completed, the insurance department will send an email about the status of your license.
Congratulations! You have passed all the steps, and now you are a licensed insurance agent. Therefore, the next step is to choose the type of insurance agent you want to become after learning how to get an insurance license in Georgia. Often, take a look at a reputable and insightful insurance blog on the internet.

how to get an insurance license
how to get an insurance license